Our Program

The CAS-Carrera program model is implemented in two ways. Our traditional afterschool, youth development approach is offered six days a week (including Saturdays), and includes a summer program. Our in-school model is incorporated into the school-day schedule of a public or charter school, beginning typically with grade 6 and enrolling each succeeding grade annually until the entire school is receiving the model. Class time for components is provided during the school day through advisory and guidance periods, resource time, and other amenable periods where CAS-Carrera staff can deliver programming. The in-school model also runs six days a week (including Saturdays), and includes a summer program. Both the afterschool and in-school model are year round programs.

The program has seven integrated, scientifically accurate, and age appropriate components offered daily or weekly which work in concert to build developmental competency, identity formation and other positive youth development outcomes for participants, ultimately leading to the desire to avoid parenthood and risky sexual behaviors.  All participants, regardless of program location, receive the following full seven components from youth development professionals, educators, and other specialists trained by national CAS-Carrera staff: