Participant Profile: Diana

Like most teenagers, Diana is excited and nervous to start high school in the fall. Fortunately, her good grades at MS 324 and active participation in CAS-Carrera activities for three years have prepared her for the increased academic workload that will come with college prep classes. However, a very common earmark of adolescence had threatened to derail all her hard work.
Last year, she returned to eighth grade with an eruption of severe acne. According to Diane, “at times I didn’t even want to show my face.” And just when she needed the support of her girlfriends the most, she was ostracized. “I felt my best friends stop talking to me because of my medical conditions.” Her self-esteem plummeted and, for the first time, this star student began to dread coming to school. 
A visit to an indifferent dermatologist resulted in a prescription…for high blood pressure. Diana does not have high blood pressure and, not surprisingly, saw no change in her features. Her mother, frustrated by the language barrier with their doctor and Diana’s sudden withdrawal from friends, reached out to the CAS-Carrera medical team for their advice at a parent event. An assessment of Diana’s medial history prompted Eddie Jimenez, CAS-Carrera Medical Advocate, to schedule an appointment with longtime medical partner Dr. Alan Kling, who took immediate action to treat Diana’s severe acne with a combination of oral and topical medications. The medical team, in turn, worked alongside CAS-Carrera’s Family Life and Sexuality Education and Mental Health teams to help Diana regain her confidence, better navigate peer relationships, and develop resiliency in response to the bullying from her classmates. 
With only a few visits, Dr. Kling restored Diana’s glowing complexion and her faith in doctors. Now, Diana is Dr. Kling’s biggest booster, “Before starting to see Dr. Kling I felt high school would be just as bad as middle school. Now I can’t wait to start high school. It’s a fresh new beginning. On a scale from one to ten, the improvement I’ve made is a ten.” In fact, her neighbors were so impressed with the transformation that they have gone to see Dr. Kling so he can “do magic” on them, too.
Today, Diana and her sister Brenda (pictured, right) share the same smile, Dr. Kling’s expert care, and a sunny outlook on school. 

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