Alumni Profile: Sugey Palomares

Sugey Palomares was in eighth grade when she began attending the Children’s Aid Society’s Carrera Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention (CAS-Carrera) in Brooklyn. Growing up, Sugey’s aunt was determined to encourage her niece towards a hopeful and successful path, and brought Sugey up in a strict household.  Having learned Spanish as her first language, Sugey recalls being teased by classmates for her accent and not fitting in amongst her peers. She found an escape from the taunts in the local library, where her aunt would take her in their free time. When Sugey enrolled in CAS-Carrera, she discovered another safe space, and a community that would quickly become her extended family.  At CAS-Carrera, Sugey had role models she could look up to, who helped her gain self-confidence and discover a clear path toward her goals.

Sugey caught the writing bug at an early age when she began writing for her elementary school’s newspaper.  One of her counselors at CAS-Carrera, Nicole Sanders, recognized Sugey’s talent for writing, and nurtured it during group and one-on-one sessions. Nicole introduced Sugey to Toni Morrison and other authors who sparked her passion for reading and writing.  It was through CAS-Carrera that Sugey got her first high school internship with ABC’s Kidzine, an online magazine for kids.  Sugey went on to enroll at SUNY Binghamton, where she studied English and interned at TimeOut New York.  As she learned about the world of online and print media, Sugey began to find her interests and passions focusing on bilingual Latino media - a field that was gaining popularity at a time when the majority of Latino media outlets operated only in Spanish.

While still early in her career, Sugey’s track record as an established online editor and web producer in Latino media is impressive.  After working as a copy editor at Urban Latino, a well-established online media and print magazine geared toward young Latinos, Sugey served as a writer and associate editor at MTV Tr3s, MTV’s Latino network. After contributing as a freelance writer to Latina Magazine, Sugey’s hard work and talent was rewarded with a promotion to a full-time position as associate online editor, the title she currently holds.  Sugey’s career is driven by a motivation to increase the number of Latinos writing and producing in the mainstream media.  Continuing to work hard to pursue her dreams, Sugey is enrolled at the NYU School of Continuing and Professional Studies, and is working towards a certificate in web production.

Sugey recognizes the influence the CAS-Carrera Program had on shaping her into the well-rounded, successful young woman she is today: “The Carrera Program is a jewel,” she says, “a model of what our education system should be like. It’s like having an angel on your side.”