At Promise: The Carrera Summer and Afterschool Program

February 24, 2012

ST. PETERSBURG – The Carrera Summer and Afterschool Program becomes host family to 60 children in Pinellas County.

When you walk into the Carrera Summer and Afterschool Program you wouldn’t know the children who attend are at risk. At risk of failing academically; at risk of unplanned parenthood in their early teens; at risk of falling victim to violence, drugs, and abuse. Instead, what you do see is a group of children exposed to the loving and kind nature of staff members, smiling faces exuding positive attitudes, and children learning the vital skills they will need in order to turn their backs on the phrase “at risk.”

Program director, Susan Jenkins, heads up the afterschool program located at the Enoch Davis Center, 1111 18th Ave. S., along with program partners, the Joint Juvenile Welfare Board and Pinellas County Health Department.

“This is an evidence based program. One out of hundreds and hundreds of programs, it’s one that’s been shown to work,” says Jenkins.

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