CAS-Carrera Profiles

Participant Profile: Jemimah

Born in Ghana, Jemimah Frempong moved to New York City speaking a language so obscure that only a few people in the city know. Today, she is a voracious reader, determined to be the first in her family to go to Harvard.

Participant Profile: Amanda

Amanda Perry, a graduating senior from CAS-Carrera's program at the Academy for Scholarship and Entrepreneurship, was faced with a tough choice: where to go to college.

Participant Profile: Christ

When Christ enrolled in CAS-Carrera as a fifth grader at Bronx Prep, he struggled to keep up with his peers in the classroom. Christ’s hard work paid off and he arrived ready and eager to tackle the sixth grade at Bronx Prep. Unfortunately, a recurrence of a different kind of challenge left him demoralized and self-conscious: Christ began losing his hair.

Alumni Profile: Sugey Palomares

Sugey Palomares was in eighth grade when she began attending the Children’s Aid Society’s Carrera Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention (CAS-Carrera) in Brooklyn. Growing up, Sugey’s aunt was determined to encourage her niece towards a hopeful and successful path, and brought Sugey up in a strict household.  Having learned Spanish as her first language, Sugey recalls being teased by classmates for her accent and not fitting in amongst her peers.

Participant Profile: Jamiessa

Jamiessa Boucher is in her fourth year as a program participant with CAS-Carrera at the Urban Assembly Institute of Math and Science for Young Women. In 2008, when she started the program in the sixth grade, she was finding her way at a new school with a new slate of teachers and adjusting to an all-girls setting. She was teamed with Tyasia Harvey, a Tutor with the CAS-Carrera Education Team...

Participant Profile: Diana

Like most teenagers, Diana is excited and nervous to start high school in the fall. Fortunately, her good grades at MS 324 and active participation in CAS-Carrera activities for three years have prepared her for the increased academic workload that will come with college prep classes.

Alumni Profile: Donell Harvin

In 1985, Donell Harvin entered CAS-Carrera. At 13 years old, Donell’s window of opportunity was closing fast. He was a junior high special education student in Central Harlem, and – by his own admission -- was likely to remain a special education student in high school. His dismal academic prospects and the surround of substance abuse and violence in his community predicted a dim future.

Participant Profile: Samarriah

Samarriah is a 7th Grader at the Urban Assembly Institute of Math and Science for Young Women in downtown Brooklyn. She has been in the Carrera Program for three years and her favorite part is Job Club because, “I get paid for going to Job Club, so when I get older and I go to college, I already have money for college…I learned about how to be an entrepreneur and not mess up credit. I now save my money instead of spending it every chance I get.”